Saturday, February 4, 2012

Veggie Dip

This is the dip I made up after my dad suggested I make a dip for the onion rings. It turned out really good and everyone loved it =D.

Veggie Dip

-1 cup almonds   -1 ¼ cup water   -3/4 tsp salt  -1/4 tsp pepper  -1 tsp lemon juice -1/2 bulb garlic  -1/4 tsp. paprika  -1/4 tsp. oregano  -1/4 tsp. black pepper  -1/4 tsp. red pepper  -3/4 tsp. salt  -1 tsp. lemon juice  -2 tsp. tobacco sauce

-Soak 1 cup almonds in 1 cup water for 2 hours.
-Peel off the almond skin.

-Combine in blender with remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
-Pour into a small pan and cook until slightly thickened. This will take the bite out of the raw garlic.
-Chill and serve.

Makes 1 ½ cups
2 tbsp=50 calories

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