Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Bath Time

I have gotten into the habit of taking a nice long bath once a week on Sunday. It is really great for relaxing and pampering myself and getting some relaxation time in preperation for a new week.

 Here are the things I use on bath day:
- Shower cap (can be found at almost any hotel or dollar store.)
- Aroma therapy oil and bubble bath (I bought that brown colored bottle at walmart for about 5$
- A foot exfoilator (it kind of looks like a cheese grater but works great for getting dead skin off of your feet)
- Scented bath salts (can be found at pretty much any dollar store)
- A good regular conditioner and a leave in conditioner
- A body exfoiliating scrub
- A face scrub (It has honey in it but I bought it before going vegan and decided I might as well use it up)
- A body wash
-Some olive oil

To begin I fill up my bath with nice warm/hot water. As it is filling up ,I add the bath salts, aroma therapy oil and the olive oil. Olive oil is great for softening and moisterizing your skin while you soak in the bath and makes it easier to exfoiliate.
Before I get in I like to put on some music to listen to while I take my bath :).
After I get in, I wet my hair and add the conditioner. Add only a small amount to the top of your head; then divide your hair into two parts (one on each side of your neck) and gently comb the conditioner through your hair with your fingers. After your hair is fully covered in conditioner, put it into the shower cap to let it sit. This is really good for conditioning and moisterizing your hair, expesially to heal it from damage caused by blow drying, curling, straightening or dying it. If your hair gets greasy easily, it would be better if you did not apply any to the hair around the scalp and used a plastic hair clip to clip your hair to your head instead of putting it into the shower cap.
Next I shave; if you usually wax I would recommend doing that before the bath because the warm water can help reduce redness. After shaving, I use the foot exfoilator to get all the rough dead skin off of the bottom of my feet.  Next I use the body exfoiliater to gently scrub off dead skin on my body. Doing this is really good for your skin and keeping it fresh, clean and smooth; it can also help prevent ingrown hairs. After this, I use a wash cloth to wash myself with the body wash; I have always loved scented body washes but to be completely honest most of them don't have a very large effect on how your skin smells =/ but any kind of body wash will do.
After this, I usually soak for a while then drain the bathtub and use the shower hose just to rinse out my hair.

It is good to apply lotion after a shower to lock in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out. I usually lightly dry my skin off before applying. The lotion in the picture is available at either target or walmart. I am kind of frugal and it lasts me a long time. So as long as you don't use tooo much of this stuff it will last you quite a while :).

This bath day is really good for your skin and hair as well as having some nice time to relax so I would definetely recommend trying it!

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