Sunday, January 22, 2012


On Sundays I occasionally like to do something different for my breakfast. Lately, I haven't really felt like it, but today decided I might as well since I will not be cooking anything else to put up here until tomorrow.

- 2 cups milk (any kind works but will slightly change calorie amount depending on the kind you choose)     -2 tbsp. sugar (preferably raw)   -1 tsp. cinnamon  -1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour  -1/2 cup oatmeal  -2 tsp. baking powder  -2 tbsp. oil   -1/4 tsp. salt  -1 tbsp. vanilla
-Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and scoop scant ¼ cup scoops onto lightly greased pan (i use pam no stick spray).

-When pancake starts to bubble flip over and check frequently until browned.
Makes 12 pancakes
1 pancake is app. 90 calories

These pancakes are quite good, but not very sweet, because I don't like them super sweet and I didn't see the point when most people eat them covered in syrup anyways. If; however, you do like sweeter pancakes just go ahead and add more sugar.

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