Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oatmeal :)

     I decided to start out with what I usually start my day out with: Oatmeal. I eat oatmeal pretty much EVERY day. It is really good for you, can be made so many different ways, tastes good if you put the right stuff with it, and it is pretty cheap.
I like to combine half regular plain instant oats with half rolled oats. That makes it slightly chewy :).

Next I add soy milk until it covers the oatmeal completely (any milk would be fine but my favorite is soy). I like my oatmeal a bit more soupy than thick. Also adding a little bit of coconut milk will make it really creamy!
Next I get everything that I am going to add ready. You can really add just about whatever you want but this is the way i have always liked it. I cut up about a quarter of an apple, a few raisins, banana slices, almonds and sunflower seeds. These taste really great together! Especially when you eat a soft banana slice with a crunchy almond.
Here is the finished product that I eat pretty much EVERY morning! Pretty much any fruit would work and it is so easy to experiment with different seasonings and if you want add sugar :).

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