Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite cardio options

Ok so I was planning to read some more of this chinese comic book for character practice but I am feeling pretty high energy and jittery from not going to the gym in a few days (it is closed for a week because of chinese new year *sniff sniff*) so I decided to do a post about my favorite forms of cardio =).
1. Jogging-Jogging is a great form of cardio and can help tone your legs =). It is espesially a great exercise when you feel like you are awesome. What I mean is, jogging is the best when you feel confident and happy, listening to some upbeat music (This is one of the big reasons I love Eminem! most of his music is PERFECT for working out) and running like you are the coolest person in the world. Even if you are upset about something just get yourself worked up get yourself pumped up and feeling like you are COMPLETELY awesome to get a great energetic run. Also one of my most important tips for any sort of exercise: Don't think about what you can't do but what you will be ABLE to do if you stick with it. Seriously working out is about confidence, even if it is bull shit convince yourself you are just SUPER awesome and working out will be so much easier and more fun! =D
2. Jump rope-Jump roping is a great cardio exercise that also tones your legs (espesially calves! they will be so sore after your first time! hehe). Jump ropes are also super cheap and portable and great if you don't have a ton of time or space. Jump roping is also something you can do while watching tv. Just as long as you make sure to clear some space first and that don't live in an apartment where your downstairs neighbors will come up stairs at 6 in the morning pissed off about the me on that one....
3. Hula hooping-This one is SO awesome and SO under rated!!!! Hula hoops are really cheap and once you get the hang of it (which takes some people a while so don't be discouraged!) you can hula hoop while watching tv for hours =D. Just turn on your favorite tv show and the whole time you are watching it you can be burning calories and it really isn't that hard at all. It does take some people a long time to get the hang of it but just stick with it and you will get the hang of it :) I used to drop mine constantly but now I can do over 5 hula hoops of all different sizes easy.
4. Swimming- Swimming is awesome all year round, whether in a sunny outdoor pool in the summer, or a heated indoor one during the winter. This is a great exercise and can be lots of fun if you invite friends; just remember that sitting on the side sun tanning does not count as exercise!!! and sun tanning will make you look like you are 60 when you are 40 =/....I have family members that are living proof. I have been looking for a good in door pool in my city and have even bought an awesome bikini to wear when I finally do find one! =D (ARSS! Awesome Revealing Swim Suits!-yet another motivator to work out X) ).

There are other methods of cardio but these are my 4 personal favorites :).  Remember though, even if you are mainly trying to lose weight, having a good amount of muscle helps keep your metabolism up and muscle burns more than fat! So don't just completely cut out any weight lifting or strength building. Good Luck! =)

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