Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Chocolate

I noticed today that my coconut milk was espessially thick and creamy after being chilled in the fridge. I then decided, you know what? I really want to put a dollap of that on a bowl of fresh strawberries....BUT sadly I do not have any delicious, fresh strawberries; but I still really want to put a dollap of it on SOMEthing it just looked too perfect. So I decided to make some vegan hot chocolate =).

To make vegan hot chocolate you need these ingredients.

Sugar-I think powdered works the best
100% Cocoa powder
Soy milk powder or ,if you are not a vegan, regular milk powder

I am  not going to give an exact recipe measurement because different soymilk powders have a different percentage of soy milk and fillers and different people like their hot chocolate to taste differently. I make mine by taking a container or tupperwear to mix the ingredients first. I add the most soymilk powder, then a little less cocoa and then less sugar. After I mix it into the container really well, I put a tiny bit into a cup, add water, and see what needs to be increased. After I get it the way  I want it, I then have a nice large amount made up into the tupperware to make hot chocolate out of again later.
After I have prepared my cup I dollap just a few small scoops of the coconut milk into it and enjoy :). The coconut milk does a decent job of immitating the effects of melted marshmellows by adding some smooth creaminess to your hot chocolate.

Obviously hot chocolate is not something you want to indulge in too much but enjoying a nice steaming cup of home made hot chocolate isn't without benefits.

1. The pure cocoa powder has a lot of benefits for the body including iron and antioxidants.
2. The soy powder contains protein and other nutrients
3. The coconut milk, while high in fat, only needs to have a small amount added for a nice effect and does contain a lot of healthy fats.
4. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but a hot cup of chocolate milk really fills me up for a little while and it makes me feel warm and cozy on a cold day :).

My motto is this: Eat as healthy as you can normally so when you get a craving for something (like the chocolate cravings I have been having!) there will be nothing wrong with indulging. Also as you become healthier you realize you don't need to eat as much to get the enjoyment.
Savor it. Don't choke it down.

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