Saturday, January 28, 2012


    I have been trying to find more things to do, besides gym and hanging out at my house, so I have spent a long time looking things up and finding places to do it in Kunming. I am going to TRY doing at least one thing outside a week. I found this nice mountain called 长虫山 which literally translates to Long Bug Mountain. It turned out that you can actually see the mountain from outside of my house! (I somehow never noticed it). Everything worked out really well with my first attempt at getting out of the house. I went with Jesse and Aleashea, she is Jesse's sister and my best friend, we didn't get lost, had a lot of fun, and the mountain turned out to be quite nice!

 Me and Jesse :)
A tomb for ancestor worship
Hehe if only the people who left it new what that said xD For those who can't see it clearly, the paper that they are putting next to the tombs says "hell bank note"...that's not very optimistic...
Beautiful view! There was also a little stone table and 4 stools in the ground to sit on so I will be going back again for a picnic!
         Trail mix i brought :). I had dried dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds and      raisins (peanuts are good but I didn't feel like adding them)
                    A stray cat. I thought it was really pretty, but didn't have any food left to feed it.

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